Maya Mircheva
Amanda Black
Marlene Garduño
Maya Mircheva is Bulgarian based in Germany. She has been an IPSF judge since 2017 and an IPSF series head judge since 2020. Maya has been part of the IPSF’s committee since 2017 as part of the technical and aerial committees. She has judged several IPSF competitions and had the privilege to judge the first online IPSF competition in 2020 – the South Korea series competition.Amanda has been a certified judge with the IPSF for three years now, and in 2019 was one of the competition organizers for the Canadian Pole Sport Championships. While this season is filled with more virtual than live championships, Amanda is excited to judge countries she normally would not be able to visit. Good luck to all the athletes!Marlene Garduño Téllez originally from Toluca, State of Mexico. Since she was a child, she was interested in dance and sports. In adolescence he developed his skills with the help of Hawaiian, Tahitian, tap, ballet, jazz, bellydance, American tribal style belly dance among others. The sports field went hand in hand but in 2015 he became interested in pole sports training as an IPSF international judge and is in force to date, two years later he competes as an athlete in the Elite Category of Pole Sports and Pole Art, standing out among the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Currently he continues practicing this sport and training as a judge.
Livia-Sabina Petcu
Florentina Stoian
Bianca Scholten
Vice-President, Competition Organizer of the Romanian Pole Fitness & Sports Federation and the first IPSF certified judge in my country, since 2019.
My pole journey has begun in 2014, as an enthusiast in the first generation of pole athletes from our country. I would say that pole has become a lifestyle and I am dedicating as much free time as I can to this passion.
I have joined the IPSF as member of our federation in 2018 and I have been involved in both local and international events as an organizer, judge or volunteer.
My name is Florentina, I am 39 years old and I have a diploma in Engineering and Financial Analysis.
I enjoy sport in every shape it comes and one of my first love was wall climbing/ bouldering.

First time I caught a glimpse of the world of pole sport was in 2007. Unfortunately back in the days in my country there were no pole studios or gyms.
It was almost 10 years later when the sport started to develop in Romania and ever since I became an active part of the pole sport community.
Bianca was involved in the pole industry in South Africa for a number of years as a student, instructor, studio owner, competitor, and at national federation level, before moving to Germany. Bianca was one of the first IPSF qualified judges in South Africa (and in Africa), and qualified as the first Head Judge in Africa. Bianca has head judged various international competitions, including the IPSF World Pole Championships. Bianca joined the IPSF as a member of the technical committee in 2015, and took over as the Technical Director in 2016, responsible for all pole and aerial codes and trainings (including COP trainings, Judges trainings and Head Judge training). Bianca took on the role of Vice President of the IPSF in 2017, and continues to serve as both the Vice President and the Technical Director.  

Bianca is passionate about pole fitness and pole sports, and enjoys pushing herself and her students, taking every opportunity to learn.  The need for a consistent and transparent system is what drew Bianca to the IPSF in the first place; the drive for recognition as an Olympic Sport is one that Bianca is excited to be involved in.