Czech Pole Sport Organization

We are a member federation of the International Pole and Aerial Sports Federations (IPSF). We supervise pole and aerial sports in the Czech Republic, including support of the Czech national team at international competitions. We strive to mediate these sports and bring them closer to the general public.

We organize a nationwide competition in Pole Sport, Aerial Hoop and Aerial Pole for elite and professional competitors from the whole Czech Republic, which is also open to competitors from abroad, where there is no contest under the auspices of the IPSF.

Unfortunately, the Czech Pole Sport Open 2024 qualifying competition will not take place in the Czech Republic in 2024, as originally planned.

Competitors from the Czech Republic can use other open competitions abroad for qualification. You can find their list on the IPSF website.

WADA training

All competitors must complete an anti-doping training and send the certificate to the competition organizers before the competition date. Please find the link to the training here.